Saturday Kitchen 9.3

(by peter)

Peter filming in the Great HallIt happens to every man at some stage in their life.

Being upstaged by our womenfolk is something every man needs to get used to – no, scratch that: celebrate.

I just never thought it would be my mum besting me on the wine front on BBC1 in front of millions of viewers…

This week’s Saturday Kitchen coincided with Mother’s Day in the UK so my mum very graciously agreed to join us on our wine shoot in Winchester to help me select the wines. (She has a fantastic palate.)

It was great fun to be able to do something a bit different on the show. First up was the majestic Theo Randall knocking up yet another Italian delight: griddled lamb chops with inzimino.

To partner this I chose I delicious (and fantastic value) I Tre Vescovi Barbera d’Asti Superiore 2010 (£8.99, Waitrose). The first taste test the wine had to pass was of course mum – who said ‘it’s beautiful, I love it!’

So job done on that front – but what about the guys in the studio?

‘Delicious: goes really nicely, I like the dryness of Barbera,’ commented Theo, which is praise indeed from someone who knows his Italian wines very well.

Show host James Martin emphasised what good value the wine was, while chef David Everitt-Mathias (of Le Champignon Sauvage) said it was, ‘really meaty, holds its own against the chilli.’Filming Saturday Kitchen with mum

Which was all well and good. But then we came onto David’s dish – and we decided to do something a bit different, by sending not the usual one but two wines into studio, by way of a little treat…and to have an excuse to toast mother’s day.

David’s dish was the highly original (and challenging wine-wise…) Witchill potatoes, caramelised onion purée, buffalo milk and turkey prosciutto.

Given the delicate flavours, blending Italian and tangy northern European ingredients and methods (elderberries and leek ash also featured), I chose two complimentary options. My first choice was the classic option: the Finest Muscadet Sevre-et-Maine Sur Lie 2011 (£6.99, Tesco) – subtle yet tangy and gently creamy, like the dish – while my second was the Finest Bisol Prosecco (£9.99, Tesco).

Mum’s preference was for the Prosecco, mine for the Muscadet – but of course, back in studio, they stitched me up by all voting for the Prosecco.

‘Mum knows best!’ was a delighted James’ quip.

The crewAnd fair enough – it’s delicious fizz, great value and well worth a try. I’m not bitter, honest…

You can see the show for the next week via iplayer (wine bits at 15:48 and 56:30). Wine clips follow this piece. The eagle-eyed will also spot a Hitchcock-esque background appearance by my dad. Kudos for anyone who can spot him…

The show’s recipes are on the BBC Food site and they include James Martin’s beef wellington with purple broccoli and jus (Petit Plaisir 2010, £7.99, M&S), salmon pad thai (Casillero del Diablo Viognier 2011, £7.99 Sainsbury’s) and waffles with hot chocolate sauce, fried bananas and ice cream. Archive material from the show features Rick Stein, Celebrity Masterchef and Raymond Blanc.

Thanks to all the guys at Cactus TV for another brilliant show – and don’t forget to take a peek at their new cookery school Cactus Kitchens for amazing opportunities to get up close and personal with the brilliant chefs, recipes and wines from the show.

Finally, huge thanks to mum (and dad) not only for being a great sport on this occasion but also her unwavering support & affection over the years. I am very happy to be upstaged by someone so glorious. Cheers to that!