Easter Saturday Kitchen

(by peter)

This Easter Saturday was my turn on Saturday Kitchen, sharing the limelight with Michelin-starred chefs Glynn Purnell and Galton Blackiston.

To read my earlier blog about how filming went – including the joys of firing live artillery on TV plus a Percy pig taste-off – click here. (You can also read about the wines that didn’t make the final cut – featured as our Wines of the Week – by clicking here.)

Glynn was cooking roast duck rolled in liquorice charcoal with tamarind and lime. Not the easiest dish from a wine matching point of view, but a delicious dish nonetheless.

After due rumination, I plumped for the Asda Extra Special Pinot Noir, Marlborough (£7.98). It’s made by Wither Hills and is pretty decent value for money in the context of Pinot.

It got a great reception in studio, too.

Glynn thought it was an, “excellent choice: it goes really well with the liquorice and the fat of the duck.” In his brilliant Brummy brogue, he concluded it was, “fantastic”.

For James it was a “bargain” while Galton was full of praise for both dish and wine, saying “the wine is brilliant with it”.

Galton was rustling up roast double loin of lamb with braised shallots and herb purée. I tried to persuade Saturday Kitchen to let me use the outstanding Craggy Range Te Kahu 2005, but at over a tenner it was beyond our budget. So instead I went for the fantastic Los Molles Carmenère from the Limarí Valley in Chile ((£8.99, M&S).

Galton was pleased, saying it was “great value: lovely, a great red”. The others agreed.

Finally, to match James’ food heaven dish (lobster thermidor with tempura courgettes) I proferred up the toothsome Muga Rioja Blanco 2009, (£8.24, Majestic).

And James thought it was “a bit of a bargain”

You can read all the recipes and see the show (for the next week only) on iplayer – click here for the link. Wine bits start at 18:00 and 57:30.