Saturday Kitchen teaser

SK at Maidenhead Majestic(by peter)

Today, I have learnt three things about Maidenhead.

One: Richard Dimbleby used to live on an island in the vicinity.

Two: The Thai Orchid is run by a very friendly man named Ralph and does a fine lunchtime buffet spread (see photographic evidence, below, of our producer Andy Clarke in delighted pose).

Three: There is lots of goose poo down by the river and your posh shoes will be thoroughly soiled if you try to do some filming to camera while down by the waterfront.

Thai Orchid buffetSo, all in all a very educational day, I feel.

We were filming for Saturday Kitchen, which this weekend, I can sensationally reveal, features Angela Hartnett cooking something meaty and French chef Stephane Reynaud dishing up something fishy. And me recommending some brilliant value wines as well as getting goose poo all over my posh shoes.

Don’t miss it!

ps if you’d like to see some videos of the fun, have a look at the “Saturday Kitchen does Maidenhead” post on our videos page.