Save the Mosel!

Mosel bridge

It seems like it’s the season to promote good causes.

We’ve just received the email, as below, calling for wine lovers to come together and try to stop the concrete vandalism of Mosel vineyards that will be caused by a planned motorway bridge over the river. You can read background to this story on Decanter magazine’s website here.

We think this is a cause well worth supporting. Yes, it’s a nuisance having to get to the Mosel or Rheingau if you want to fly into Frankfurt Hahn because of the lack of a viable motorway link over the Rhine. (And we know this from bitter experience.) But this, surely, is not the way to go about it.


The German gourmet magazine DER FEINSCHMECKER has begun an online petition to help save the valley and vines from the politician’s bulldozers and concrete.

On the left hand side of the following web page you will find an English translation of the petition and instructions on how to fill it in. The petition is further down in the centre of the same page.

You have until the 1st of December to sign the petition and circulate this link wildly. (After so doing you will accrue undying appreciation from all corners of the planet.)

News in brief:

Building work is moving ahead in several places (digging holes and clearing land). To counter this the debate is finally hotting up here in Germany.