Tanking on TV

Tank!(by peter)

Today at work I rode in a tank on my way to find some fine wine. Does life get any better?

We were filming at the Aldershot Military Museum for Saturday Kitchen, to be screened this Saturday (17th October) on BBC1 at 10am. Tune in! I can confidently predict some sort of tank action.

Here’s a photo. I’m also going to upload a few videos. One of these, to be uploaded soon, shows me in the tank (actually an Alvis Scorpion – not a proper tank, as my dad pointed out) going backwards. Hardly dignified. But I’ll take any fun I can get in a tank.

It’s great also to give a bit of airtime to the incredibly talented, patient and dedicated team we work with on these peripatetic shoots – namely, Andy Clarke and James Cook. Take a bow, boys.

(ps I’d also like to send out a personal message of thanks to Patrick and Dave, who let us play around with their valuable vehicles.)