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(by susie)

Champagne Laurent-PerrierFor those who may have missed it, here’s a pdf of my piece on Champagne house Laurent-Perrier from the November issue of Decanter magazine:

Susie Barrie MW on Laurent-Perrier in Decanter, November 2012

I visited in early summer 2012, just as the house was making the preparations for its bicentenary celebrations.

Laurent-Perrier is an intriguing producer, with some great stories behind it. Of course, many people know it primarily from its iconic rosé bottle – but few also realise that it’s one of the largest champagne houses, with subsidiaries including Salon, Delamotte and De Castellane, and a pioneer of the prestige cuvée. It’s still family owned and with some fascinating human stories in its history to boot, including a novel remedy for pleurisy (Lanson and horseradish) and a recent annus horibilis.

My article also includes a few recommendations, including the brand new ‘Les Réserves Grand Siècle and a very fine 2002 vintage.

(My thanks to Decanter/IPC Media for the reproduction here.)