We’re in the Mirror!

(by peter & susie)

One of the projects we’ve been working on recently is a joint initiative, backed by Australian brand Jacob’s Creek, to help drinkers explore and experiment when it comes to wine.

We’ve designed and developed a very special website – more of which in due course – but one of the headline projects is a short film about sparkling wine.

The idea is to help inform drinkers about the choices out there, and to encourage a bit of fun experimentation – especially at this time of year. (It’s estimated that around 40% of all champagne sales in Britain take place during the festive season.)

To be sure we were tackling the issues that are most important to everyday drinkers, we used some specially commissioned market research about sparkling wine. The topics of most interest to people were: how to spot quality, how to tell whether a fizz is sweet or dry, the best food matches, the differences between styles/origins and price.

(Incidentally, our favourite stat of the whole lot was: of the 1,050 UK wine consumers surveyed, the amount who ‘never’ drank sparkling wine was precisely 0%.)

While the project is sponsored by Jacob’s Creek, the aim is education and engagement rather than any branded angle. Indeed, one of our conditions to getting involved was that we wanted to keep things generic and simply help people find and drink better wine, especially at this celebratory time of year. This ties in very much with what we’re doing with our wine school.

The short film is going up all over the place, but one of the media outlets where we feature that most caught our attention is English red-top daily newspaper The Mirror. You can see it by clicking here.

The version in The Mirror is actually the shorter edition. You can watch the longer (6.5 minute) edition below. (If you double click on the video box it will go full screen, which is easier to see. It may take a while to load – apologies if so.) Production courtesy of the very excellent Stepping Stone Media.