Wine + food delights

(by peter & susie)

We’re delighted to announce an exciting collaboration between What Food What Wine, the competition we head up, and online wine retailer Your Favourite – the firm backed by TV Dragon Peter Jones.

Not just that, but we have a special money-saving offer to give to members of our Wine Club.

But first, by way of background, for What Food What Wine, we assembled a crack team of expert judges and tasted hundreds of wines together with ten classic British dishes, from fish’n’chips to chicken tikka massala.

It’s a new kind of competition, one that puts wine firmly on the dining table, and we have been thrilled with the positive reception it has enjoyed in its debut year.

The ultimate aim of the competition is to help wine drinkers experiment with confidence when it comes to choosing wines to go with everyone’s favourite dishes. And now, with this new joint initiative, that wine-and-food matching experience is even easier for people to enjoy.

This new collaboration features a specially selected six-bottle case of wine comprising three different wines (two bottles of each) to accompany three dishes: a smoked salmon starter, roast lamb main and apple crumble pudding.

The case also carries recipe cards for these dishes created by food writer and TV cook Jo Pratt – our culinary maestro at What Food What Wine.

The normal price for the case is £49.99 – but we have a 20% (ie £10) saving to pass on to our Wine Club members. To sign up to our free Wine Club, click here – or to find out more, click here. The discount code will go out on our newsletter or you can contact us directly by email. The discount is valid until 29th Feb 2012; only one use per person and only applicable to this case. It’s also worth adding that there is also a £6.99 delivery charge per case and it’s always worth checking terms & conditions before purchasing.

To find out more, or buy the case, visit Your Favourite Wines by clicking on this link or go to the What Food What Wine website.

Three such cases, featuring different wines and recipes, will be released between now and June, when the judging for the 2012 edition of What Food What Wine takes place, with the awards being announced shortly afterwards.

As a final word of clarification, this case is not one of our own Wine Club special offer cases. It’s an externally produced case, a collaboration between Your Favourite and What Food What Wine.