Winemaker Lockdown Stories

Wine is all about being social and sociable – so the various pandemic lockdowns around the world have had major ramifications on an industry that relies on global and personal interactions.

This feature for Decanter was fascinating to research and write, relating how people all around the wine world have encountered and overcome challenges, proving little short of inspirational in the process. 

From launching a micro-winery in a former windmill to confronting a major Covid-19 outbreak at a major winery or launching a live-streamed wine show, there’s so much to celebrate here.

I could have included so many stories, not least from our Wine Survival Guide special editions on our Wine Blast podcast. But it was great to be able to feature the likes of Chris and Ellen Wilson (Gutter & Stars, Cambridge), Rafael Urrejola (Undurraga, Chile), Miguel Torres Maczassek (Torres, Spain), Brendan and Laura Carter (Unico Zelo, Australia), Pieter Walser (Blank Bottle, South Africa) and Erni Loosen (Dr Loosen, Germany).

Here’s to brighter times ahead when we can finally raise those glasses together…

[Lockdown Stories: view from the vines¬†appeared in Decanter magazine’s January 2021 edition – you can also find it on the Decanter website]

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