Worthy cause

(by peter)

I’ve just been sent an email by a PR company, the main body of which I’m copying below.

Seems like a worthwhile cause to support, and Tagus Creek is generally one of the better brands around, consistently delivering very good quality for the price.

Everyone’s a winner!


TAGUS CREEK WINES from Portugal (the UK’s oldest military ally) have been raising lots of money for the Royal British Legion: for the last 2 years 5p from every bottle has gone directly to the Poppy Appeal. But this year they’ve gone one better and harnessed the support of Morrisons and Waitrose.

For EVERY Tagus Creek bottle of wine sold in Morrisons between 2nd and 15th of November and Waitrose between 4th and 11th November, a whole pound £1, will be sent directly to The Royal British Legion.

The wines cost from around £5.59, they’re really good and there are whites, reds and a rosé – so NO EXCUSES, after all we all love a glass or two! I reckon if we get enough people on board we could easily raise over £100,000 .

P.S If you would like to publicly show your support please join Facebook page Tagus Creek – Powering the Poppy Appeal