Bienbebido Queso Tempranillo 2013

Bienbebido Queso Tempranillo Vintae 2013, 14.5%, Spain

(from £6.99, Majestic

This Bienbebido is a fantastic value, really satisfying red which I matched with Korean grilled beef short ribs by Jordan Bourke on Saturday Kitchen.

I do like a wine that doesn’t take itself too seriously. This bottle is a prime example, from its zany presentation to its juicy, gluggable style. But that rounded, easy-going, fruit-driven character is also what makes it go so well with the dish.

There’s quite a lot of sweetness and spice in this recipe (from honey to mirin, soy sauce and ginger). This, together with the laid-back presentation in salad leaves (like a veggie take on a pitta burger) with pickled onion and kimchi, means an easy-going red is spot on. Anything more oaky, tannic or serious just clashes. (White wine feels a underwhelming, as if it’s missing the point; modern, fruit-driven dry rosé is a pretty decent option if you’re looking for a different style, though.)

Jordan pointed out that in Korea you’d tend to have something like soju rather than red wine but noted that this red was, ‘really nice with the meat: delicious!’ Francesco Mazzei described it as, ‘perfectly balanced – a lovely combination.’ Show host Angela Hartnett described everyone in studio as, ‘happy campers!’ Job done.

(Susie, 6.5/10, Dec 2016)