Eating clean and going green makes sense – but it doesn’t have to mean boring drinks.

This project is about one curious family’s quest to drink (and eat) well while road-testing vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, organic, Mediterranean and teetotal lifestyles.

It all started when our 11-year-old daughter asked (after watching YouTube) what it would be like to go vegan. This got us thinking – why not try it out? And not only vegan but also other increasingly popular diets?

Straight away we saw there was lots of advice out there on how to eat well. But there was very little in terms drinks. For example, what makes certain drinks suitable for each lifestyle? And, more importantly, which are the most delicious drinks to go for?

diet (noun): from Greek diaita, way of life

We make no claims to be experts in all of this – we see ourselves as curious enthusiasts keen to try these things out and learn a bit along the way. It’s a family adventure first and foremost but we would love for this to be helpful and informative too. So as well as recommending delicious drinks and recipes, we also get expert advice and opinion along the way.

Though we’re deadly serious about finding the best drinks out there to suit each lifestyle, we’re also keen not to take life too seriously. We’re not afraid to document our disasters as well as triumphs, the fails as well as the light-bulb moments.

So if you’re already committed, simply curious – or just plan thirsty – please join in! We’d love to hear from you, be it advice, input, your tips or whatever. Either get in touch via email or hook up via Instagram or Twitter.

About us

Susie & Peter are no strangers to the world of food and drink, being Masters of Wine and award-winning writers and TV presenters perhaps best known for presenting the drink slots on BBC1’s Saturday Kitchen for 12 years. Foodepedia called them: ‘Elite MWs, friendly wine advisors, national treasures’. Their lifelong quest is to find the ultimate hangover cure.

Their children Elfye and Thomas have grown up in a household dedicated to food and drink. As well as making sure their parents regret every hangover, they don’t hold back when it comes to airing opinions, from what’s in their glass to their parents’ drinking habits.


Follow the links for drinks tips, recipes, expert advice and more. We’ll populate these as we go along.


We hooked up with London wine merchant Corney & Barrow to film some video content to bring the project to life. You can find the videos on the individual pages above, or on our YouTube channel. Here are a couple of clips by way of taster too:

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