Decanter Retailer Awards 2019

Wine’s brilliant. So selling it must be easy, right?


It’s a crowded market. Brexit hasn’t helped. Consumer confidence is low, we have a fluctuating currency and a punitive tax regime. On top of all this, people are drinking ever less.

All this means we need our best wine retailers more than ever. And they are the people (and places) we celebrate every year, just as we did this year at the Decanter Retailer Awards 2019.

Here’s my article featuring the winners and runners up. I chair an excellent panel comprising Laura Clay, Andy Howard MW, Peter Ranscombe and Matt Walls. My thanks to them and congratulations to all winners, runners up and shortlisters. 

(As well as the article, below is also a bonus video I recorded before the awards event, plus a few photos from the ceremony. I also wrote a Chairman’s Blog.)


[Decanter Retailer Awards 2019 Winners appeared in Decanter magazine, December 2019 issue]


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