Great value spring Sauvignon

Mud House Sauvignon Blanc 2015, New Zealand

(from £6.50, Tesco)

Hard to ignore this eye-catching deal (Majestic also have a similar one running at the moment). But it’s not just that – I recommended this on Saturday Kitchen to go with a really fun, flavoursome dish by Anna Jones, which was lime and chipotle black bean tacos with guacamole.

As ever, we cooked the dish at home – and found it went with a whole range of different wines. Using the Follow Your Taste logic, I said you could choose whichever suited your personality and taste best! If you’re the party type and love bubbles, go for a good Prosecco. For the thinking drinkers out there, a fine Riesling works wonders. But my ultimate choice was for this zingy but rounded Kiwi Sauvignon – summer in a glass – ideal for you carefree extroverts out there!

Anna was a fan, saying ‘I love the wine – cheerful and so good with the chilli.’ Studio guest Jamie Oliver also liked it, stating: ‘That is an amazing wine, and the price: awesome. And with the dish and the spice – so good.’ (Susie, 6.5/10, May 2016)