Jordi Miro Garnacha Blanca 2015

Jordi Miro Garnacha Blanca 2015, Spain, 13.5%

(£9, Marks & Spencer or via Wine Searcher)

White wine for game? And from a little known Spanish region (Terra Alta) to boot?!

This one raised a few culinary eyebrows when I recommended it on Saturday Kitchen. But, as ever with game, it’s about what else is on the plate.

I paired this with a wonderfully heart-warming recipe by Brad Carter – pheasant dumplings with squash broth and pumpkin oil. And it’s precisely the squash broth – which also features a touch of orange – together with the delicate pheasant that makes a white work best. (The crime being to overwhelm these oh-so-elegant flavours, or to tire the palate too much, which an oakier white tends to do.)

Brad described it as, ‘great’, saying how its fleshy style stood up to the dish ‘really well’. It’s well worth remembering that whites can be just as useful with game as reds. And this is a really good value, versatile white that looks great on the table too. (7/10, Susie, Oct 2016)