Louis Latour White Burgundy Chardonnay 2014

Louis Latour White Burgundy Chardonnay 2014, France

(from £10.29, Waitrose or via Wine Searcher)

This elegant white Burgundy was my choice to go with a cod and parsley stuffed jacket potato by Nathan Outlaw on Saturday Kitchen.

The dish was simplicity itself and went with a fair old range of white wines, as long as they weren’t overpowering.

You can choose something fresh and zesty if that’s your bag – but it was the way this stylish Chardonnay managed to be both understated yet also generous in creamy texture that made it a seamless pairing.

So don’t be put off if you’re not a Chardonnay fan – this is a really restrained, classy version. Nathan certainly liked it, and was typically delightful when he commented: ‘Lovely – really good. Susie always gets a cracking wine…’ Fellow chef Dan Barber, meanwhile, termed it, ‘Perfect’.

(Susie, 6.5/10, March 2017)