Nero Oro Appassimento 2017

Nero Oro Appassimento 2017, 14%, Sicily, Italy

(£8.99, Majestic)

For those who like their reds a bit smoother and richer, this is for you.

It makes a really versatile drinking partner for many dishes – partly because the appassimento (drying the grapes) gives a bit of richness and succulence to the style, which means it can work really with spice or heat.

Southern Italian reds do this so well, by retaining just enough acidity for the wine not to be cloying or sickly, but still delivering lots of cherry-fruited richness and creamy smoothness. This one definitely has a lift and lightness to it

It’s like a mini Amarone in style, albeit with less acidity and tannin, and more ripeness of fruit from that Sicilian sun.

Another great mediterrnean option at Majestic in a similar style (and accessible budget) is the Surani Costarossa Primitivo di Manduria 2017, which looks pretty smart too. It’s maybe slightly smokier and richer in terms of dark fruit, but it’s a great alternative.

[Drink Well Eat Well – Mediterranean Diet]

(Peter, 7/10, Feb 2019)