Saint Mont 2015

Saint Mont 2015, France

(£9, Marks & Spencer

This was my choice of invigorating white to pair with a dish of pan-fried mullet with rosemary and a cabbage salad by Marianna Leivaditaki on Saturday Kitchen.

It’s a great bargain, this white, and also consistently food-friendly. We’ve recommended it a few times on Saturday Kitchen because, quite simply, it goes really well with a range of dishes.

On the one hand, it’s lovely and fresh. On the other – as chef Peter Gordon quite rightly pointed out on the show – it has a rich texture, almost oiliness about it that means it can stand up to richer flavours and textures too. In this salad, for example, there are sweet grapes and mint – lovely flavour juxtapositions in the dish, but which this white copes with admirably.

‘Love that!’ cheered show host Matt Tebbutt. I’m with him there…. Cheers!

(Susie, 6.5/10, October 2017)