Taste the Difference Cotes de Provence Rosé 2015

Taste the Difference Côtes de Provence Rosé 2015, France

(£8.50, Sainsbury’s)

OK, so I got the mickey taken out of me for wearing a pink shirt AND recommending a rosé at the same time. Fair cop. But this combo was worth it.

I recommended this delicious, dry, elegant and great value Provençal rosé to go with a classic and totally moreish bouillabaisse by Christian Edwardson on BBC1’s Saturday Kitchen.

I must admit to being slightly surprised at how well it went down in studio. Bottles like these can put some people off – but it’s a lovely wine and well worth a try. It works beautifully with the dish because both are quite classical in style and not overdone. And neither is it overpriced, which some bottles from this part of the world can be.

‘Fantastic,’ commented Christian, who knows his onions when it comes to wine. ‘It balances the light spicing of the soup, lovely choice.’

(Peter, 6/10, May 2017)