The Ned Noble Sauvignon Blanc 2015

The Ned Noble Sauvignon Blanc 2015, New Zealand

(from £12.99 for 375 ml, Majestic or via Wine Searcher)

It’s isn’t easy finding good sweet wines to suit not only your own taste but also to go with the food you have before you.

What’s more, the good ones just don’t come cheap. This is partly because it tends to be harder and thus often more expensive to make sweet wines well.

The Ned Noble Sauvignon – noble in this sense meaning sweet – is one of the most reliable sweet wines out there. I like it because it’s not just rich and sweet, it also has really fresh acidity underneath it all.

And that’s really important not only to make for a balanced (i.e. not sickly) flavour experience – but also to partner well with food. I recommended this in BBC1’s Saturday Kitchen to go with Mich Turner’s ‘Skinnylicious’ vanilla cake.

Another really good option here would be an elegant Moscato d’Asti – or similar style (we tried it with the Wirra Wirra Mrs Wrigley Moscato from Australia, and that worked really well).

The most important thing is to refresh the palate between what are pretty sweet mouthfuls – and inject some lovely fresh fruitiness to match all those gorgeous berries in the recipe.


(Susie, 6/10, April 2017)