Triade Bianco di Campania 2015

Triade Bianco di Campania 2015, Italy, 13.5%

(£6.59, Waitrose or via Wine Searcher

There are few better endorsements of your work than when people enjoy the wine you’re recommending. This was certainly the case on this weekend’s Saturday Kitchen when former Madness frontman Suggs was clearly a big fan of the wine – especially this first one, about which he roundly declaimed: ‘That’s going down a treat!’

I picked it to go with saltimbocca alla romana with vignarola by Eleonora Galasso. This dish didn’t just involve the usual veal, pear and anchovy but also artichokes, peas, beans and sage. This meant that white worked better than red – but a nice juicy New Zealand Pinot Noir was the best option for confirmed red-wine lovers.

The Triade is a great value southern Italian white that typifies Campania’s virtues of producing full-bodied whites that area also quite subtle, which means they can stand up to strong flavours on the plate without overwhelming delicate ones. The veal here is actually quite delicate, while the anchovy and pancetta deliver a salty hit for which you need lots of juicy fresh fruit. As a wine, it’s also not too complex, which suits the easy-going, rustic style of the dish.

‘Beautiful, works perfectly,’ was Eleonora’s assessment of the combination. (6.5/10, Peter, Nov 2016)