Valdesil Montenovo Godello 2015

Valdesil Montenovo Godello Valdeorras 2015, 13%

(£9.89 when you buy 6, Majestic, or via Wine Searcher)

We find we’re turning more and more to the Godello grape variety as a reliably food-friendly, frequently good value wine. It has that unique blend of freshness but textural elegance that enables it to work with all sorts of different occasions and dishes. It’s also a bit different, which is always nice – and a good alternative to Albariño, for example.

I featured this on Saturday Kitchen as a pairing for Spanish chef Omar Alibhoy’s red mullet with courgette, olives and spinach. It’s a brilliant seafood wine in general – no surprise given its origins in Spain’s fishing central, Galicia. Show host John Torode deemed it, ‘delicious’ while Omar, clearly a connoisseur, noted its ‘minerality’ and all-round affinity with the dish. Show guest, actress Jo Joyner described it as, ‘My kind of wine, and it works well with the salty bacon.’ (7/10, Peter, Sept 2016)