The Wild Side of Wine - South Africa

The third Wild Side of Wine adventure takes us to the southern hemisphere. South African wine conjures images of picture-perfect winelands – but also a painful past. In this eye-opening mini-series, Peter Richards MW explores a country not shying away from its history but actively re-discovering its own identity, where wine offers not only salutary lessons but also hope for a brighter, more inclusive future. Brace yourselves for adventure, poetry, drama, inspiring people and captivating stories – not to mention delicious wine. On his travels, Peter fails at surfing, discovers a little-known connection between wine and Nelson Mandela, encounters all kinds of wildlife, tries his hand at welding and plays the marimba in frenzied fashion. Peter’s itinerary takes in significant locations from Robben Island to Company Gardens via Langa Township, Constantia, Kalk Bay, the Jakes Gerwel School, Weltevrede, Spier, Villiera, The Township Winery and The Wine Arc. The series stars wine luminaries from Carmen Stevens to Eben Sadie, Duncan Savage and superstar Zim somm turned wine producer Tinashe Nyamudoka. Not to mention performance poet Khadija Tracey Heeger. A WineMasters.TV production – see for the full programmes or more information.

The Wild Side of Wine - Lebanon

In this second instalment of The Wild Side of Wine, Peter ventures into Lebanon, the country that, ‘gave the gift of wine to the world.’ Much of today’s wine world owes its origins to Lebanon’s ancient Phoenician traders and the country’s epic wine history is captured in breathtaking fashion at the Temple of Bacchus in Baalbek, near the Syrian border. And yet history has not been kind to this volatile region: Peter explores how wine is helping heal the scars of war, and how vinous heroes battled through conflict to make their precious ferments. Along the way we encounter playful goats, cluster bombs, mighty cedar forests, a 2,000-year-old Roman cellar – plus Peter tries his hand at making tabbouleh, orgiastic dancing and balancing rosé wine while paddle boarding. This is a trailer for The Wild Side of Wine – Lebanon. See for the full programmes or more information.

The Wild Side of Wine - Georgia

A new wine and travel series in which Peter explores cultures and countries all around the world – from a unique perspective. From reviving ancient human history in Georgia to charting an adventurous future in the Chilean desert, Peter dives fearlessly into history, culture, politics and gastronomy. This is a trip not to miss: local wine and food heroes, off the beaten track, tell intriguing tales and answer awkward questions, in doing so revealing a new side to familiar or far-away places. Guaranteed to tantalise the taste buds and inspire wanderlust!

Wine Masters Class Series 4 Trailer

Check out the latest series of Wine Masters Class, starring Peter and sommelier Fredrik Lindfors, and a few props including the odd chilli, guitar, umbrella, darts and drinking straws. Broadcast Spring 2021 onwards.

Wine and football mash-up for Club Wembley

Tasting wine with Sol Campbell and Laura Bassett – a brief highlights vid of a unique event hosted by Peter, featuring footballing legends Sol and Laura and wines by Majestic. For Club Wembley, December 2020.

Wine GB Awards Ceremony 2020

Peter hosts and Susie stars alongside Oz Clarke, Rebecca Palmer and a host of UK wine talent in this world-first online ceremony for the prestigious Wine GB Awards 2020. Trophy winners in this competition feature the best of the best in English and Welsh wine, and we hear from some of them. There are some jazzy shirts on show too…

Wine Masters Class Series 2 Trailer

Wine Masters Class is about exploring the world of wine – and having a bit of fun while we’re at it. From Wine Masters TV, here’s a trailer featuring Peter together with renowned sommelier Paz Levinson. And no: don’t do this at home…

Wine Masters Class Series 3 Trailer

Another Masters Class trailer – this time from Series 3 starring Susie alongside former world champion sommelier Andreas Larsson. Featuring big bottles, blindfolds…and roasting grapes.

Wine and the Mediterranean Diet

How much wine is good for you? Scientific research indicates that one of the healthiest ways to eat and drink is what’s known as the Mediterranean diet. This specifies a small amount of wine per day with meals. But how much is ‘a small amount’? TV presenter and Master of Wine Susie Barrie explains as part of the Drink Well Eat Well project.

The Big English Wine Adventure - Part 1

We’re making an English sparkling wine as part of a charitable project. Here, Susie proves she’s more about quality than quantity. Head over to this page for more!

The Big English Wine Adventure - Part 2

After harvesting and making the wines, now we blend. This is an important decision, so Peter is largely ignored. Find out more about our English Wine Adventure here.

The World of Wine - Burgundy and the Rhône

Why visit Burgundy and the Rhône? Cheese, architecture – wine of course – and don’t forget the obscure laws about UFOs! A mini-series with Riviera Travel.

The World of Wine - Tuscany

Tuscany’s famous Sangiovese grape variety literally means ‘blood of Jove’. That’s quite a reputation to live up to – something the Tuscans are doing better and better…

The World of Wine - Alsace

What do you get if you distil France and Germany down into liquid form and then blend them together? Something like Alsace – as delicious as it is surprising.

The Vintners' Company video

A short film about the Vintners’ Company, an historic yet little understood wine institution dedicated to charitable giving, fellowship and education. That, and looking after a few swans… Its motto is Vinum Exhilerat Animum (wine gladdens the heart). Made by Peter in association with Stepping Stone Media.

Wine Festival Winchester 2018

Thrills and spills from ‘the best show in the business’.

So what do we (really) know about Uruguay?

Beyond football and Fray Bentos of course… Peter goes in search of the answer in this entirely amateur footage filmed hours after landing, on the beach with his iPhone.

This is what we (now) know about Uruguay!

Pioneer of gay and women’s rights, with state-controlled marijuana supply, widespread renewable energy, free education – not to mention delicious wine.

Wine Festival Winchester 2017

Check out this fly-on-the-wall footage of the high jinks at Wine Fest Winchester 2017!

How to stay upright while wine tasting

Susie gets up close and personal with a spittoon while discussing how and why to spit wine when tasting. (Production: Paddy Bowerman)

The 20-20 wine rule...

Wine is often served at the wrong temperature. This can make a big difference to the taste and your enjoyment. Here’s Peter with his 20-20 rule to help you get it right.

Saturday Kitchen Christmas - a family affair

For the Boxing Day 2015 edition of BBC1’s Saturday Kitchen, Susie and Peter recruit a little extra help – and find a sweet wine to go with biscotti and syllabub by Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussein. (BBC1/Cactus TV)

Wine Festival Winchester 2016

A taste of the action from Wine Festival Winchester 2016 – fun, food and wines galore!

Wine Festival on BBC1

Wine Festival Winchester featured on BBC1, with a focus on English wine.

Wine Festival Winchester

Wine Festival Winchester 2015 – the one minute video. Thanks to Paddy Bowerman and to Marsicans for the awesome soundtrack.

Saturday Kitchen New Year's Eve 2014

Jason Atherton’s got a festive fish stew on so Susie and Peter head out to find some white wine – and hit the shops. (Courtesy BBC1/Cactus TV)

Wine saving gizmos

How to keep your wine fresh once it’s been opened? Here’s Peter’s take.

Saturday Kitchen Christmas Panto...

Look beyond the hammy acting and see…well, what Christmas is all about. A horse-drawn carriage and a good old-fashioned marital dispute over the wine.

Susie tilts at windmills on Saturday Kitchen

Susie in Bromley finding a wine to go with a wonderful turbot dish by the fabulous Sanchez-Iglesias brothers. (In memoriam Jonray) (BBC1/Cactus TV)

Wine to try: Rugby on Saturday Kitchen

Peter goes rugby crazy on Saturday Kitchen. (Courtesy BBC1/Cactus TV)

Peter in Itata, southern Chile

Chile’s centuries-old wine history was largely forgotten until a brave band of winemakers started championing old vines in places like Itata. Peter visits.

Bonnets and booze

Susie does her best Jane Austen impersonation before finding solace in wine to match with Gennaro Contaldo’s chicken. (BBC1/Cactus TV)

A wine man rides the skeleton

How to terrify a wine expert: 1) put him on a tray with wheels at the top of a hill and 2) push. Peter needs a stiff drink after this one. (BBC1/Cactus TV)

Flavours from the Cellar - Mercure Hotels

Susie and Peter chose three delicious, eclectic wines to sit at the heart of Mercure Hotels’ wine list in the UK, as part of their consultancy for the group. (MBA)

Eat & Drink Spain at Wine Festival Winchester

Peter clearly has no idea what’s in his glass as he relishes discussing everything that makes Spain delicious. Salud!

Peter in the Saturday Kitchen stocks

Vivek Singh’s cooking a prawn curry – time for Chilean Riesling. (BBC1/Cactus TV)

Susie in shock grape pilfering outrage

Susie’s stalking the vineyards of Kent (Chapel Down, actually) in this wine VT from Saturday Kitchen. (BBC1/Cactus TV)

Peter on BBC2's Daily Politics

Peter calls on the chancellor to end the booze super-tax in this edition of Daily Politics, which includes a VT filmed at Hampshire sparkling producer Hambledon. (BBC2)

Susie and thousands of wines

Susie finds a wine to go with Tom Kitchin’s tomato salad from among the thousands on offer at the London Wine Fair. (BBC1/Cactus TV)

Peter's perfect serve

Peter meanders around Wimbledon in this tennis-themed quest to find a perfect wine to go with Wolfgang Puck’s Szechuan steak. (BBC1/Cactus TV)

Susie's on the run

It’s London Marathon weekend so Susie speeds off to the shops to find a wine for Gennaro Contaldo’s ravioli. (BBC1/Cactus TV)

Booze and the Baronesses

A follow-up to Peter’s Daily Politics appearance, calling for less tax on wine, discussing the matter with three Baronesses. As you do. (BBC1/Daily Politics)

Susie flies the flag for English wine

Susie visits an English wine estate and recommends fine Sussex fizz from Ridgeview in this Saturday Kitchen wine VT. (BBC1/Cactus TV)

Surf's up on Saturday Kitchen

Newquay – mackerel salad – Saturday Kitchen – that can only mean one thing. Surf’s up! (BBC1/Cactus TV)

The Palate

Susie and Peter host and judge the first ever edition of The Palate, a nationwide quest to find the UK’s best amateur wine taster. (Stepping Stone Media)

The case of the large glass

Peter uses a boat to hunt down his Saturday Kitchen wine. (BBC1/Cactus TV)

Too drunk to ruck

Susie gets a few helping hands in her Saturday Kitchen wine quest. (BBC1/Cactus TV)

Peter's mum on Saturday Kitchen!

It’s Mother’s Day, you see. Peter’s dad also makes a very brief cameo – see if you can spot him! (BBC1/Cactus TV)

Susie in Yorkshire for James Martin's last show

It was a big moment on Saturday Kitchen when presenter James Martin left after 10 years. Susie visited Yorkshire in his honour. (BBC1/Cactus TV)

Sparkling wine made simple

Susie & Peter team up with Stepping Stone Media and Jacob’s Creek to make this video on how to choose the right fizz for you.

Less speedboat - more lifeboat

Why are the production company so keen to send Peter out on boats? Anyway, here is in finding a red for Adam Byatt’s Coq au Vin. (BBC1/Cactus TV)

Snow, Santas...and Sparkling Wine

Santa-related silliness in this festive Saturday Kitchen VT finding wine for Antonio Carluccio. I mean, where did they find that costume for Susie..?! (BBC1/Cactus TV)

Saturday Kitchen Blast from the Past!

In this vintage episode of Saturday Kitchen from November 2011, Susie’s in Banbury finding a red wine for Theo Randall’s sausage pasta. (BBC1/Cactus TV)

Saturday Kitchen Blast from the Past!

It’s vintage Saturday Kitchen alright: Peter capers around Birmingham finding a white wine for Rick Stein’s shrimp fritters. (BBC1/Cactus TV)