Disappointingly, it doesn’t involve Jedi powers or bionic tastebuds.

It’s just a qualification you get by passing a series of exams. Admittedly, they are pretty difficult ones – including working against the clock to identify a series of anonymous wines. The pass rate is notoriously low and there are still only about 380-odd Masters of Wine in the world. More people have been into space.

If you want to find out more, check out the Institute of Masters of Wine. But while we’re in confessional mode, here are a few details about us you might not know, as well as a few snaps from behind the scenes…

Susie & Peter ran the Médoc Marathon in Bordeaux in 30 degree heat. It took them 4 hours 55 minutes, 12 toilet breaks, a glass of red at Château Lafite and the best ice cream of their lives.

Susie owns a teddy named Benny.

There are those who maintain that Peter, rather than being a Master of Wine who travels the world and tastes thousands of wines a year, is actually a spy. To be honest, it would make more sense.

Susie has helped set a Guinness World Record: becoming a ‘godmother’ to a river-cruising ship as part of a successful attempt to inaugurate the most ships within 24 hours (16, as it happens). She did wince at the loss of good champagne, though.

Peter is afraid of heights. Which is unfortunate, considering how unfeasibly tall he is.

When Susie went on Eggheads, her gastro team did creditably but were no match for the boffins. While she successful navigated the treacherous waters of Dubstep, Susie bombed out on a question about Benjamin Britten, on whom she’d written an extensive dissertation at school.

Peter once had tea with the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Susie is solar-powered. She thrives on warmth and has developed hypothermia in supermarket aisles filming Saturday Kitchen. In Susie’s world, there are only two seasons: summer, and waiting for summer.

Susie and Peter have two children. They seem wary of wine. Though one of them, out of the blue, did draw a card featuring a bottle of wine and the words, ‘I love your job!’

Susie has a remarkably poor sense of direction. Though she can track down a handbag shop like a bloodhound.

Peter is a Freeman of the City of London. The certificate, of which he is very proud, states he is a ‘Citizen and Vintner of London’.

Susie & Peter love entertaining. For some reason, people seem reticent to bring wine as a gift. Among the more exotic presents they’ve received are a Venus fly trap, a hairdryer – and a family pack of Nurofen.

Peter scored a goal at Craven Cottage in the Varsity football match in 1998, refereed by David Ellery. For the record, Oxford beat Cambridge 4-1 on the day and Peter’s goal was a looping header.

Susie’s ultimate kitchen utensil? The humble scissors. Go figure.

Many of Peter’s oldest friends claim his hair has never moved since they have known him. Happily, these days such hairstyles are all the rage, what with the popularity of The Lego Movie.

Susie’s first car was a red Seat Marbella with a black ‘go-faster’ stripe down the side.

At school, Peter was famed for his love of cheesy pop. New Kids on the Block, Vanilla Ice and Boney M featured prominently in his music collection at the time.

Want a good movie-watching buddy? Don’t pick Susie. She always falls asleep. She is probably the only person on earth to have dozed off during The Shining.